Cold in July:

"It was actually really useful to have the mullet and the short-lived mustache and the high-waisted, pleated pants and loafers and short-sleeved plaid shirts and matching ties. It all taught me a lot about who this guy was and how he moved. Without putting on the character's clothes, you really don't have a complete sense of how he holds himself and how he moves." 

Michael C. Hall
May 19, 2014

Featured interview on Style Bistro, 2015.

Second interview with Style Bistro, 2015.

"Built around nifty yin-yang paired performances by Michael C. Hall and Sam Shepard, along with a huge comic-relief assist from Don Johnson and his fire-engine red Caddy, "Cold in July" is tense, gripping, gruesome, often hilarious, brilliantly engineered and highly satisfying. Its atmosphere is so compelling that one is tempted to haul out cliches about cutting the East Texas heat with a knife, when in fact this movie, like Mickle's earlier features, was made in New York."

"[...] the sheriff convinces Richard and his goody-two-shoes wife (Vinessa Shaw, in a series of fabulously awful outfits) [...] and the two of them tak[e] an increasingly violent road trip to Houston in the company of a private eye called Jim Bob Luke, delightfully underplayed by Don Johnson in a grim demeanor and outrageous cowboy fashions."

Andrew O'Hehir
January 22, 2014


"With the story set in 1989 Mickle has created here a film that does not merely feel like a period piece but like an artifact dropped on our laps from a different time. From the gritty cinematography to costuming, hair and the stellar - and heavily John Carpenter influenced - score, this is a film from another place."

Todd Brown 
January 21, 2014 

Twitch Film


"The film embodies the '80s with its setting, score and costuming, right down to Hall's almost-mullet and mustache."

Emily Estep
January 30, 2014 


We Are What We Are:

"Russell Barnes' production design and Elisabeth Vastola's costumes cleverly support the evidence of the Parkers as descendants of another time and way of life."

David Rooney
January 26, 2013
The Hollywood Reporter 


Angelina Ballerina:

“Elisabeth Vastola’s gorgeous ballet costumes look wonderful in the dance numbers, and her mouse ears and tails help each cast member embody the tiny rodents. “

Shoshana Greenberg
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“Adding a beguiling visual impact are the adorable mouse costumes designed by Elisabeth Vastola […]“

Lisa Jo Sagolla
October 9, 2010
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“Preschool girls, especially those who enjoy dressing in pink and twirling around the room, will adore the choreography […], the frilly costumes […]”

TimeOut New York Kids
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“Based on CG-animated series, Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps on PBS KIDS, Angelina Ballerina the Musical hosts a high energy cast in cute costumes […]”

Sherri Shuber 
October 17, 2010
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“ […] even Angelina herself sounded and looked as I would imagine her in real life.”

Jessica Shyba 
October 2, 2010
Momma’s Gone City
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